One course of treatments consists of 20 successive treatments, for adults 40-60 minutes per course after the introductory stage, for children 25-40 minutes in the microclimate of an artificial salt mine – the inhalation chamber. During this period our patients inhale an air enriched with the effective agents of ionised, highly dispersed non-hypertonic sodium-chloride (moisture content is bellow 20%, size of particles is 0.5 – 5 microns).

Our praxis can be found in the three-star Spa Hotel Béke in Hajdúszoboszló. We will be pleased to help our patients with room reservation in private accommodations or in hotels (graded up to 4 stars).

Our praxis in Hévíz and Budapest is going to be opened soon.

We are ready to give you any necessary information. If requested, we will send the scientific description of our therapy to specialist.

Registration and medical provision:

AIt is not necessary to have a medical referral for undergoing the cure, but it is recommended for patients to bring their medical report.
On the first day of the cure each patient undergoes a medical examination and is under continuous professional surveillance during the treatment.


It is important to know that the cure can be finished in only ten days if necessary!

Equipment – asthma, bronchitis and respiratory allergies


This statistics was taken one year after the first treatment.
Other observations: Several thousands of German patients who belong to the generation of 60 and 70-year-olds have taken part in our cure in the past 14 years – 65% of them are coming back.