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Nowadays the market supply of inhalation methods has significantly increased. In the best-known and oldest inhalation therapies (health centres, hospitals) water-based salt solution is vaporized. The disadvantage of this method is that the humidity of the inhaled agent in over 95%, so the method is less effective because the agent sticks onto the walls of the respiratory tracts, it can’t get to the alveoli in a high amount to elicit its healing effect there.

During the method of ultrasound vaporization very fine high dispersity NaCl aerosol is formed, but unfortunately the climate is not stable and using this method requires constant assistance. It can only be used with one person at a time.

The disadvantage of the liquid vaporizing methods is the same as the one mentioned in the first paragraph, irrespectively of what other agents are used. Moreover, the liquid is evaporating night and day… This is rather costly.

The nowadays very popular salt brick climate halls have only a wellness effect unless they are integrated with other climate producing devices. There’s not even a tiny amount of agent in the air. It’s easy to see if we consider salt mines: if there are only adults staying in a salt mine used for medical purposes, they have to walk around. If there are also children there, the adults can stay sit, as the children will run around and play. That is, some kind of movement is necessary in order to make the fine salt of the mine rise from the floor into the air so that there will be some agent to breathe in. This means salt in the salt mines comes not from the salt walls. What remains in the beautiful salt brick halls is nothing else but the placebo effect.

There is a “mixed method”, too, where the salt walls or several tonnes of salt poured onto the floor are amended with a climate device which generates the climate again and again in short periods of time. However, if we produce a climate, we let it “rest” for a while and the patients can sit down there only later. Our purpose with this procedure is that the bigger salt particles can settle and our patients will inhale only the fines particles that can surely get into the deepest sections of the lunges.

The agent is not water-based, it is extremely fine and our climate stays stable for one and a half hours. There is no need to regenerate it. If the climate is regenerated, patients inhale the “coarse” particles, which get stuck at the entrance of the alveoli, and as their dissolution takes several hours, they hinder the effective usage of the fine particles.

In methods where air is circulated through various salt layers into the room, there is logically not an acceptable amount of agent, because otherwise the filters should be changed on a weekly basis at least.

Moreover, there are a lot of advertisements and web pages that contain rather thoughtless expressions about the fineness of the climate. This would be all right if these enterprises could support their statements with some evidence or even warrants.

But who else has a climate device protocol from the National Public Health and Medical Officer Service? Who else has references from scientists or scientific forums? Who has a scientific description about their method? Who has done research about their patients? Only we!

It is also common to find plagiarized expression taken from our scientific literature. On the one hand, it’s indecent, on the other illegal. It’s to know that expressions like healing, therapy method, inhalation therapy, treating of patients, etc. can only be used by enterprises that function as a medical business. But for this, permission from the National Public Health and Medical Officer Service is required.

We truly hope that considering the above mentioned points you will make a more careful decision when choosing the right therapy method.